GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. – Logan Seavey drove to victory on night one of Open Wheel Showdown weekend at Valley Speedway with the POWRi Lucas Oil National and West Midget Leagues on Friday evening.

Starting on the pole for the 30-lap feature, Seavey fended off multiple challenges from Zach Daum while battling tricky track conditions en route to this third POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League victory. Seavey’s two previous wins came last year during his championship season.

When the race began Seavey immediately charged into the lead while the rest of the field settled into place. While Seavey stretched out his lead, Zach Daum and Tucker Klaasmeyer jockeyed for the second position.

As the laps wound down, Daum had closed in enough onto Seavey to try a final charge, but to no avail. Cannon McIntosh finished in third, a career-best National Midget League finish. Joe B. Miller took fourth, while Tucker Klaasmeyer rounded out the top five.

“Keith and Pete always give me an awesome car,” said Seavey. “Unfortunately we had to work our way around the bottom. It was actually really tricky. Some of the guys running the bottom would hit the puddles on the bottom and spray water out onto the track, which made it tricky navigating the moisture and the slick and the grease on the bottom. I kind of moved up there and almost gave it up there. Zach showed me a nose and once I moved down they had kind of cleaned all the grease off the bottom and then it was really good down there. I knew one little mistake and Zach would have been there.”

“I’ve never liked second, but as bad as we’ve ran these past few times, we’ll take it,” said Daum. “The beginning part of the year, just to be able to see these guys is a good thing. We made some small changes to make the car better and it paid off.”

“The car was great, I just kept making mistakes,” said McIntosh. “I kept going in there and hitting those ruts and it killed me. One time some of them got together, we got a good run and got by them. It was awesome, a great experience.”

Riley Kreisel won the companion POWRi Lucas Oil War Sprint League feature.


The finish:

Logan Seavey, Zach Daum, Cannon McIntosh, Joe B. Miller, Tucker Klaasmeyer, Ryan Robinson, Tanner Carrick, Ace McCarthy, Wesley Smith, Karter Sarff, Holly Shelton, Presley Truedson, Andrew Felker, Kory Schudy, Sam Johnson, Broc Hunnell, Pat Schudy, Kyle Schuett, Grady Chandler, Jake Neuman, Hank Davis, Dustin Gilbert, Blake Carrick.