Seavey Strikes Gold On Wheatland Dirt

Logan Seavey en route to victory Saturday at Lucas Oil Speedway. (Derek Schuett Photo)

WHEATLAND, MO. — Winning his 11th-career POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League main event, Logan Seavey drove by his Keith Kunz Motorsports teammate Jesse Colwell on lap 23 to snag the win at Lucas Oil Speedway on Saturday night.

The 30-lap POWRi National/West Midgets main event was quickly lit up by some opening lap fireworks, as front row starters Tucker Klaasmeyer and Jesse Colwell made contact in turn three, resulting in a flat left-rear tire for Klaasmeyer. Colwell recovered and led the field back to green, while Klaasmeyer tagged the tail.

Colwell checked out in the early running as Tyler Thomas, Cannon McIntosh and Logan Seavey fought for the runner-up spot. A bobble from McIntosh sent Seavey into second just shy of halfway and lapped traffic allowed them to reel in Colwell for the lead as well.

With 10 laps left, Seavey had approached Colwell and was set to challenge for the lead, even throwing a lap 21 slider at the young gun, but to no avail as Colwell crossed him up and held on. However, a lap 23 caution bunched the field back up and put Seavey on Colwell’s bumper.

Making his move right away, Seavey powered off the bottom of turn two and drove underneath Colwell to steal the lead and command the 24th lap. McIntosh quickly followed Seavey and fired his own slider on Colwell to take second.

McIntosh put forth a valiant effort in tracking Seavey down, but he was unable to close in, as Logan Seavey of Sutter, California parked the Keith Kunz Motorsports, Mobil 1, Bullet/Toyota No. 67 in victory lane at Lucas Oil Speedway for his third win of 2019 and the 11th of his POWRi National Midget career.

The 16-year old Bixby, Oklahoma sensation, Cannon McIntosh, snagged a career-best finish of second aboard his Dave Mac Motorsports, Drive WFX, Toyota Racing No. 08.

Jesse Colwell, who led 23 laps in pursuit of his first-career triumph, came home with a solid podium finish of third. Rounding out the top five was the No. 5d Zach Daum in fourth and the No. 3n Jake Neuman.

The finish:

Feature (30 laps): 1. 67-Logan Seavey (5); 2. 08-Cannon McIntosh (7); 3. 71-Jesse Colwell (2); 4. 5D-Zach Daum (12); 5. 3N-Jake Neuman (17); 6. 21KS-Jason McDougal (6); 7. 67K-Holley Hollan (8); 8. 7M-Chance Morton (13); 9. 71K-Tanner Carrick (14); 10. 9-Daison Pursley (18); 11. 27-Tucker Klaasmeyer (1); 12. 28-Ace McCarthy (9); 13. 3B-Shelby Bosie (4); 14. 19S-Korey Weyant (22); 15. 91T-Tyler Thomas (3); 16. 5T-Presley Truedson (21); 17. 8M-Kade Morton (23); 18. 42-Hank Davis (15); 19. 44-Wesley Smith (10); 20. 20G-Noah Gass (19); 21. 32-Trey Marcham (11); 22. 7S-Pat Schudy (20); 23. 41-Brad Wyatt (16); 24. 44S-Andrew Felker (24).