Patient Schatz Cashes Dividends


As Darrah hit lapped traffic on lap eight, Madsen, who had moved into the second position, looked for a way around. It took Madsen nine more laps. As the two drivers crossed the start/finish line, Madsen dove his American Racing Custom Wheels car low into turn one and slid Darrah through the corner. When the two hit backstretch, Madsen was in the lead.

Schatz, who maintained his fifth place starting position through the early portion of the race, began to make his move on lap 14. He got around Pittman near the halfway point of the feature and then set his sights on Paul McMahan, who he got around just a few laps later.

On lap 22, Madsen came off of turn two and got off track down the backstretch. His slowed momentum allowed Darrah to close the gap. As Darrah dove low into turn three he and Madsen touched tires. Madsen maintained position as Schatz, in third place, closed the gap on the two drivers. Schatz took over the second place position from Darrah on lap 24. Then, after reeling in Madsen, Schatz passed him on the backstretch going into turn three. Schatz led lap 27 and was never seriously challenged again.

Madsen, who scored the quick time during qualifying earlier in the night and started the feature in fourth, led nine laps through the mid-point of the race.

“Yeah I was trying to push and you want to build up a lead,” Madsen said. “I had pretty nice, comfortable groove on the top but I just didn’t do a good enough job in traffic and made a mistake and let Donny drive right by. Congrats to Donny, congrats to Cody running third. It’s still a great result for our team.”

Darrah, who won last year’s feature at Autodrome Drummond, led the first 17 laps of Saturday night’s A main. He said he moved around throughout the night looking for the right line.

“I was just kind of moving around,” Darrah said. “From the start I felt pretty free and I was a little worried. As I brought my wing back to get my right rear on the track, when I had to slow down to move to the bottom I’d get myself tight… Back when I got to third Kerry made some mistakes and got off track and I was never able to capitalize but I love Drummondville. It’s an awesome place to come to.”

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