Parkinson Scores First WAR Sprint Victory


At this point, Shields led with Walton moving up to second and Chad Tye moving into third.

By lap 13, it was Shields and Walton with Parkinson moving into the top three. The top three would stay this way until lap 17 when Walton worked by Shields on the bottom for the top spot. The race’s final yellow would come out on lap 18 as Austin Alumbaugh came to a stop over the turn one bank as Ryun was also involved. Alumbaugh would be towed to the pits and Ryun would continue from the rear.

Walton again set the pace as the race went green. Parkinson would work his way past Shields on lap 18. With 22 laps in the books, Parkinson was able to work his way past Walton as Shields began to feel heavy pressure from Ryun, who had worked his way back up from the tail.

Parkinson would go on to his first career WAR win. Walton was second with Shields a solid third. Ryun was fourth and Morgan, in his first start since a serious crash last season, was fifth.