Trout Dominates Lincoln URC Run


ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. — Chad Trout led all 25 laps to win the Rislone URC sprint feature event Saturday night at the Lincoln Speedway.

During the running of the first heat race, Kramer Williamson, of Palmyra, Pa., flipped between turns one and two on lap three. Williamson, the winner of 67 URC victories and a former URC champion was transported to the hospital where surgery was performed. He was in critical condition early Sunday morning.

In victory lane, race winner Chad Trout extended his thoughts and prayers to the Williamson family.

Trout held off Andy Best, Gerard McIntyre, Billy Pauch Jr. and Niki Young.

The finish:

Chad Trout, Andy Best, Gerard McIntyre, Jr., Billy Pauch Jr., Niki Young, Aaron Ott, Ryan Wilson, Glendon Forsythe, Josh Weller, Brian Carber, J.J. Grasso, Chandler Leiby, Dave Ely, Randy West, Mark Strickler, Kevin Darling, Ed Aikin, Brook Zarafuss, Jonathan Swanson, Tim Wegman, Dan Mazy, Davie Franek, Matt Campbell, Billy Johns, Ryan Bohlke.