TULARE, Calif. – The payout for the 25th annual Trophy Cup at Thunderbowl Raceway has been revealed, with event champion Jac Haudenschild taking home the $25,000 top prize.

The 24 cars that raced in Saturday’s A main automatically receive the point fund.  They are guaranteed $5000 for the three days combined and the top point car is guaranteed $25,000. Next year, that winner’s share will jump to $26,000.

Twenty-seven drivers earned more than $1,000 and 17 others received between $500 and $1,000.

The 24 Saturday A main drivers’ total payout, aside from Haudenschild, saw Giovanni Scelzi pocket $13,200, Cory Eliason take home $11,750 and Saturday winner Willie Croft earn $10,050. They were the only three other drivers to clear a five-figure payday for the weekend.

Justyn Cox led the next group of Saturday A main drivers at $8,350, followed by Colby Copeland at $7,790 and Ryan Bernal at $6,500. Tim Shaffer grabbed a $6,400 share, Mitchell Faccinto earned $6,100, Shane Golobic pocketed $5,900 and Michael Kofoid took home $5,800.

The following drivers each received $5000: Dominic Scelzi, Terry McCarl, Carson Macedo, Bud Kaeding, Colton Heath, D. J. Netto, Jason Solwold, Aaron Reutzel, Rico Abreu, Craig Stidham, Kalib Henry, Tanner Thorson and Blake Hahn.

The total purse amount paid was $197,975. The total is the result of how much additional money was needed to pay the three-day guarantee to the Saturday A main drivers above the standard three-day purse.

The standard purse is $167,515, and $30,460 was added to that to make the guarantees of $25,000 to win the title and $5,000 in total payout to start the final main event.