T.J. Michael Is FAST At Waynesfield


WAYNESFIELD, Ohio — They say you have to be in position to win. T.J. Michael was and it led to the biggest win of his sprint car racing career Friday at Waynesfield Raceway Park on Tommy Tire Sales/Kear’s Speed Shop Night.

With three laps to go, leader Cale Conley was battling with Nate Dussel in lapped traffic when Stuart Brubaker spun, collecting Conley, Dussel and fourth-place runner Cole Duncan.

Michael, who ran third the entire race, took over the point and drove to the $5,000 FAST On Dirt pay day for the second annual Rick Ferkel Classic.

“That one was given to me and there was no way I was going to lose that. I seen I was closing in on the front two a little bit but I didn’t want to make a move too early and thank God I didn’t because I would have been in that chaos. I’ve come up the last six years to race against great competition and they’ve really kicked my butt. I’m just starting to get comfortable in this 410 car and what a great place to win my first race,” Michael said.

D.J. Foos finished second with Cap Henry, Lee Jacobs and Tyler Gunn rounding out the top five.

The 305 sprint drivers said “hold my beer” and put on a whale of a 25-lap feature with Ricky Peterson getting a last-corner pass of Brandon Moore to earn the victory by .031 seconds.

“It helped me run that 410 feature and then get back in this thing it’s slower reaction time. It helps you to make good split second decisions and I could put the car where ever I wanted. I didn’t mean to use up Brandon like that but it was for the win. It’s pretty cool to win this in front of a lot of my family and friends,” said Peterson.

Brad Strunk took the green flag and never looked back in the 25 lap mini-sprint feature.