Sheldon Kinser Memorial To Chris Windom


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Chris Windom captured the 25th running of the Sheldon Kinser Memorial at Bloomington Speedway Friday.

Windom held off a late race challenge by Kyle Cummins as he led the second half of the Midwest Sprint Car Series sanctioned event for the victory. Cummins ran second, followed by Jon Stanbrough.

“It was a good win,” Windom said. “It’s been kind of an up and down year for me. I jumped to Jeff Walker’s car and we’ve been fast, but we’ve struggled a little. I think we’re starting to get it figured out now. Hopefully, this is a good momentum builder going into Sprint Week.”

From outside the front row, Windom put the Don Walker Spl. Maxim a couple car lengths ahead of Hunter Schuerenberg and Stanbrough in the opening laps. But Schuerenberg was found that he was quicker higher up the track and steamed around Windom on the fifth circuit. Schuerenberg quickly pulled ahead by half a straightaway and soon began to encounter slower cars. It didn’t appear anyone was going to catch him as he smoothly worked through traffic and Stanbrough closed on Windom.

But on the 14th lap, a slowing car turned toward pit lane just as Schuerenberg began to overtake him on the backstretch. Schuerenberg got out of the groove and into the heavy rough as he avoided the slower car. Suddenly Schuerenberg slowed when the bolt came out of his steering arm, and he rolled to a stop in turn one.

Windom led the restart, with Stanbrough and Cummins just behind. Cummins moved up a lane in turns three and four and battled Stanbrough until taking second on lap 24. Three laps later, he caught Windom and quickly attacked on the high side. But as they went into turn four, Windom’s machine pushed up off the bottom and when Cummins moved up to give him room, the Vincennes University-sponsored machine slipped over the cushion. The incident slowed Cummins momentum and in the last couple laps, he wasn’t able to catch Windom again.

Cummins explained what had happened.

“They had a water puddle down in three and four and someone ran through it with about three to go, and when he went in there it slid him up,” he said. “I made one little mistake there. I was driving as hard as I could drive it. We just barely went over the top coming out of four there and that just sucked me over. There was not enough laps to get back to him once we got back on the track.”

“It’s hard leading, knowing where the faster line is,” Windom admitted. “I felt good on the bottom, but then Hunter got me on the top. So, I moved up and I think that the top was definitely the place to be, at least in three and four.”