Scotty Thiel Steals Tony Stewart’s Thunder

Scotty Thiel battles Tony Stewart for the lead at Jacksonville Speedway. (Mark Funderburk photo)

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. — A late-race yellow flag gave Scotty Thiel the chance he needed to win Friday night’s Midwest Open Wheel Ass’n season opener at Jacksonville Speedway.

Tony Stewart had dominated the 30-lap event, but when Jordan Goldesberry stopped just past the start-finish line with one lap remaining, a green-white-checkered finish was in order.

Thiel stayed with Stewart on the restart and with the white flag waving, blasted past Stewart and drove away for the victory.

Stewart finished second with Joey Moughan, Jacob Patton and Jake Blackhurst rounding out the top five.

The finish:

Scotty Thiel, Tony Stewart, Joey Moughan, Jacob Patton, Jake Blackhurst, Brinton Marvel, Ryan Jamison, Ryan Bunton, Mike Terry Jr., Dustin Barks, Logan Faucon, Aaron Andruskevitich, Dylan Tuxhorn, Eric Perrott, Jordan Goldesberry, Paul Nienhiser, Jeremy Standridge, Jim Moughan, Steve Short, John Parker, Nathan Charron, Jason Keith.