Schuett & Progressive Propane Set For 17th Year Together

Kyle Schuett (9k) races under Terry Babb during Saturday's Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Car Series feature at Spoon River Speedway. (Mark Funderburk Photo)
Kyle Schuett (9k) races under Terry Babb during Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Car Series action at Spoon River Speedway. (Mark Funderburk photo)

PHILO, Ill. – Schuett Racing has announced the return of longtime sponsor Progressive Propane Inc., marking the 17th consecutive season for the partnership.

“Progressive Propane has been a great supporter of our racing for many years and we’re grateful to have them back again this year,” driver Kyle Schuett said. “They were one of our first sponsors and have been a solid supporter since our quarter-midget days about 17 years ago. They provide a quality, dependable service and we value their friendship. We use their propane in our home, shop and toter home.

“We’re especially appreciative of their support during this time that we realize is difficult for many businesses. Sponsors are crucial to our racing team and it would be difficult to do this without their assistance.”

Progressive Propane Inc., has been owned by Mike Pierce and his family since 1968. Based in Philo, Ill., Progressive Propane primarily services the area’s rural community with three 3,200-gallon trucks and employs four full-time and two part-time workers.

“I’ve been friends with the Schuett’s for many years,” Pierce said. “Our offices have always been across the street from each other. After they had started racing I was visiting with Jim (Schuett) one day. He was talking about all the expenses of racing and mentioned that they could use a sponsor and was wondering if I was interested. I asked him how much it would cost and he told me whatever I felt comfortable with would be fine.

“We started out by giving them a small donation and over the years we continued increasing it. I know it’s expensive to race and I’m happy to help them a bit with their expenses. I make it to about a half dozen of their races each year when they’re nearby. They’re always very appreciative of my support. I’m not a big player in the game, but I do give them a little money and I hope that they can stretch it to improve their racing program.”