Schuerenberg Is FAST Star At Atomic Speedway

Hunter Schuerenberg (TWC photo)

WAVERLY, Ohio — Hunter Schuerenberg capitalized on a rare stroke of misfortune for Kyle Larson to stop the Elk Grove, Calif., native’s roll and pick up an $8,500 victory Saturday night.

Schuerenberg took command of the Freedom 40 at Atomic Speedway when Larson slowed out of the race lead on lap 22 with a flat tire, then held the top spot for the remaining 19 laps en route to the win in the Vermeer Motorsports No. 55.

Schuerenberg beat runner-up Cole Duncan – on whom there was a $1,000 bounty for his recent success at Atomic – by 1.191 seconds to claim the laurels.

His $8,500 prize included a $7,500 base payday for the winner and the extra bounty cash.

Justin Peck completed the podium ahead of Kory Crabtree and Chad Kemenah, with Larson racing back through the field in the second half for a sixth-place finish.

Larson has finished no worse than sixth in his last 28 dirt races dating back to May 30.

Danny Smith, Brinton Marvel, Jake Hesson and Jordan Harble filled out the top 10.

The finish:

1. 55-Hunter Schuerenberg, 2. 22-Cole Duncan, 3. 5x-Justin Peck, 4. 60-Kory Crabtree, 5. 15k-Chad Kemenah, 6. 57-Kyle Larson, 7. 4-Danny Smith, 8. 21m-Brinton Marvel, 9. 5j-Jake Hesson, 10. 5h-Jordan Harble, 11. 97-Max Stambaugh, 12. 35r-Ronnie Blair, 13. 5b-Chad Blonde, 14. 22m-Dan McCarron, 15. 99-Ryan Myers, 16. 5t-Travis Philo, 17. 78-Todd Kane, 18. 59-Bryan Nuckles, 19. 4x-Jimmy Stinson, 20. 71-Shane Stewart, 21. 1b-Keith Baxter, 22. 68g-Tyler Gunn.