PPM Breaks Through In Knoxville 410s

Parker Price-Miller won his first Knoxville Raceway feature on Saturday night. (Julia Johnson photo)
Parker Price-Miller won his first Knoxville Raceway feature on Saturday night. (Julia Johnson photo)

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — Parker Price-Miller led wire to wire in a competitive main event in the winged 410 class, taking his first victory at legendary Knoxville Raceway. It was worth $4,000 aboard the Indy Race Parts No. 71p.

The 20-lap 410 sprint car feature went non-stop as well.  Price-Miller shot out from the pole position to lead early over Justin Henderson and Lynton Jeffrey. Price-Miller’s Indy Race Parts teammate Gio Scelzi entered the top five early on.

He claimed fourth on lap four from Davey Heskin before the leaders entered lapped traffic on the sixth circuit.

Jeffrey capitalized on a fast car, shooting by Henderson for second on lap six. Jeffrey gained on the leader and challenged at times in the second half of the event. Scelzi was gaining ground as well, getting by Henderson for third with five to go.

Price-Miller’s mount worked well all over the track, as he maneuvered through traffic, holding off Jeffrey for his first career win. Scelzi joined his teammate on the podium in third, followed by Heskin and Austin McCarl.

“My car was really good wherever I went,” said Price-Miller afterward. “My motor stumbled on the start, and Justin got a good start. I could hit the bottom those first few laps, and I kept slipping the left rear, and I kept pulling my wing back to make up for it. I just felt like I was wasting too much time with tire spin. I moved up and pounded the cushion. I saw Lynton a few times and I was looking at the board. I wanted to win this one so bad. It’s been a tough year.  To get our first win here at Knoxville…it’s a pleasure. I’m so excited…I can’t imagine what it feels like to win here in August.”

Brady Bacon won the USAC sprint car feature.

The finish:

Feature (20 laps) 1. Parker Price-Miller (1); 2. Lynton Jeffrey (3); 3. Gio Scelzi (6); 4. Davey Heskin (4); 5. Austin McCarl (5); 6. Justin Henderson (2); 7. Trey Starks (10); 8. Matt Juhl (12); 9. Brooke Tatnell (8); 10. Terry McCarl (9); 11. Carson McCarl (7); 12. Tasker Phillips (14); 13. Wayne Johnson (11); 14. Sawyer Phillips (17); 15. Jeff Swindell (20); 16. Jamie Ball (15); 17. Chris Martin (13); 18. Cody Ledger (19); 19. Matt Moro (21); 20. Bob Weuve (22); 21. Joe Simbro (23); 22. Bobby Mincer (16) DNS – AJ Moeller.