Majdic Is The Hanford Thunder King

Chase Majdic on his way to victory on Saturday night at Keller Auto Speedway. (Joe Shivak Photo)
Chase Majdic on his way to victory on Saturday night at Keller Auto Speedway. (Joe Shivak Photo)

HANFORD, Calif. – Chase Majdic won his first King of Thunder Sprint Car Series feature at Keller Auto Speedway on Saturday night.

The Redding, Calif., youth drove his No. 2x Mittry Construction car to the win over brothers Mitchell and Michael Faccinto in the 30-lap contest.

Teammates Majdic and Max Mittry started on the front row of the 25-car field at the historic King’s County Fairgrounds dirt oval. Both Mittry Construction cars are similarly painted and numbered, however it would be Majdic who powered out front as Mittry bobbled in the first corner, and a loss of momentum allowed D.J. Netto to take over the second spot.

The race soon turned into a battle between Majdic and the wily Netto, who was racing on his home track. Netto stalked Majdic and was waiting for him to make a mistake in passing slower cars.

Netto saw his opportunity and made a successful pass in heavy lapped traffic with a bold move to the inside of Majdic on the backstretch.

Netto’s time out front was short lived as two laps later it would lapped traffic which would cost him both the lead and the race as he tangled with two spinning cars in the fourth turn and ended up parked up against the wall with a terminally damaged car.

With his major competitor out of the race, it would be Majdic who would cruise the last 8 laps while the two Faccinto brothers survived the grind on a tricky and rough race surface.

The finish:

Chase Majdic, Mitchell Faccinto, Michael Faccinto, Kaleb Montgomery, Bud Kaeding, Tucker Worth, Joey Ancona, Max Mittry, Zane Blanchard, Corey Day, Eric Humphries, Tanner Boul, Grant Duinkerken, Kalib Henry, Steve Jaquith, D.J. Netto, Jace Vander Weerd, Grant Champlin, Steven Kent, Ben Worth, Craig Stidham, Travis Coelho, Jared Faria, Michael Pombo, Jodie Robinson.