Maeschen Rules Capitani Classic

Bronson Maeschen dominated Sunday night's Capitani Classic at Knoxville Raceway. (Frank Smith photo)
Bronson Maeschen dominated Sunday night's Capitani Classic at Knoxville Raceway. (Frank Smith photo)

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — Taking off from the pole, Bronson Maeschen wired the field en-route to victory in the inaugural Ralph Capitani Classic over hard charging Tim Shaffer.

Asked about what it meant to capture the Capitani classic, the Pleasantville, Iowa, racer was elated.

“This is pretty awesome. It took us years to get the first now to get a couple in the same month,” Maeschen said. “We didn’t do any winning when Capi was around so I’m glad he’s back and I got to win with him up here.”

Taking off to a nearly three second advantage by lap two, the caution lights would blink on around the Knoxville Raceway on lap three for the spun No. 1k of Kyle Larson.

Single file past the cone, Maeschen would utilize the inside line to again pull to a commanding lead as the battle on the racetrack was for third with Joey Saldana in pursuit of team mate Cody Darrah. Keeping pace on the top groove, the KKR No. 9 of Saldana would settle into fourth as Darrah held the show position.

Moving back in the field the next battle on the surface stretched from sixth to tenth as Brian Brown looked to hold off Danny Lasoski, Tim Kaeding, Daryn Pittman, and the hard charging Shane Stewart.

Getting the pass into eighth, the Kick it for Children’s Cancer No. 57 would begin battling with Brown. Holding sixth, the FVP No. 21 would ultimately succumb to pressure from Tim Kaeding as the Roth Motorsports No. 83 drove back into contention.

Back at the front of the field, Maeschen was out to another three second advantage with only ten laps in the books and the back of the field in sight. With his advantage now in jeopardy, the Keenist Implement Detailing No. 96 would see his preferred low line blocked as the C.H. Motorsports No. 83 ran full tilt on clear race track.

Bumper to Bumper with ten laps to go both drivers dove to the inside of turns one and two. Looking for the pass in turn three, Shaffer would have to hit the brakes as a slower car dropped into the fast lane; giving Maeschen an eight-car-length advantage.

Into more slower traffic with laps clicking off the scoreboard, the final five laps would see Maeschen and Shaffer having to hit their marks perfectly as the pair mingled amongst the back markers. Working into the final two laps, the run for the lead was on as Tim Shaffer lined up only to be held up again by traffic while Bronson Maeschen raced to his second career victory at the Knoxville Raceway.

Tim Shaffer would settle for the runner up spot with Joey Saldana getting the late race pass into third. Cody Darrah was fourth with Tim Kaeding clawing from 13th to fifth.

Brad Sweet crossed the line sixth with Brian Brown seventh. Jason Johnson, who was an alternate in the nights feature before Donny Schatz scratched from the line-up drove from 23rd to eighth with Danny Lasoski and 15th-starting Shane Stewart making up the top 10.

The finish:

Bronson Maeschen, Tim Shaffer, Joey Saldana, Cody Darrah, Tim Kaeding, Brad Sweet, Brian Brown, Jason Johnson, Danny Lasoski, Shane Stewart, Daryn Pittman, Terry McCarl, Kyle Larson, Kerry Madsen, Ed Lynch Jr., Tasker Phillips, James McFadden, Rager Phillips, Josh Schneiderman, Brooke Tatnell, Justin Henderson, Wayne Johnson, Brady Bacon, Dale Blaney.