Macedo Holds Off Nienhiser In Lincoln Sprint

Carson Macedo (3g) battles Chad Kemenah at Lincoln (Ill.) Speedway. (Mark Funderburk photo)

LINCOLN, Ill. — Carson Macedo officially etched his name into the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions’ history books on Friday night at Lincoln Speedway, conquering the non-stop, 35-lap main event by nearly five seconds over Paul Nienhiser and Chad Kemenah, earning $5,000 in the process.

Macedo, who started second on the main event grid aboard the Lucas Oil/Weld Wheels/XYZ Machining/No. 3G, made it look effortless at quarter-mile oval; driving by pole sitter and current Arctic Cat All Star point leader Chad Kemenah on lap seven, ultimately cruising ahead to put 13 cars at least one lap behind, even maintaining his command during periods of heavy traffic.

The Arctic Cat All Star victory was a first for Macedo, becoming just the second winner in series history at Lincoln Speedway.

“A monkey could have driven this car tonight,” Macedo said. “This thing was incredible all night long; absolutely phenomenal to drive. I can’t thank everyone enough who makes this possible for me. To come out here and race with these guys and come out on top says so much. This is awesome.”

Kemenah set the early pace, leading the first six circuits ahead of local favorite Bret Tripplett and former King of the West champion Macedo. Macedo moved into the runner-up position permanently on lap four, transferring his sights to the Hunter Racing/Seneca Energy/No. 10h.

A two-lap battle with Kemenah soon turned into a takeover attempt for Macedo, eventually driving around the defending Arctic Cat All Star champion on the topside of the speedway.

While Macedo pulled away at the top of the running order, a battle for second would soon commence with Chad Kemenah, Ryan Smith and fourth row starter Paul Nienhiser all involved.

By lap 27, Nienhiser solidified himself in the second position, surviving a two-lap, side-by-side battle with Kemenah. By the time Nienhiser started to close the gap on Macedo, time was already out.

“Our goal is to repeat tomorrow night at Macon Speedway,” Macedo explained. “This is a great team; Joe (Gaerte), Tim and Cindy Norman. I can’t thank them all enough for this opportunity.”

Tony Stewart finished 11th.

The finish:

Carson Macedo, Paul Nienhiser, Chad Kemenah, Hunter Schuerenberg, Ryan Smith, Brett Tripplett, Brandon Hanks, Jake Blackhurst, Joey Moughan, Parker Price-Miller, Tony Stewart, Caleb Helms, Max Stambaugh, Caleb Armstrong, Jim Moughan, Daniel Harding, Kody Kinser, T.J. Michael, Brandon Matus, Ryan Bunton, Hunter Mackison, A.J. Bruns, Brandon Spithaler, Tyler Esh, Jordan Mackison.