Lachlan McHugh Wires Archerfield Sprint Car Run


ACACIA RIDGE, Australia – Lachlan McHugh topped Sunday’s Speedway Australia Sprint Car States Series feature at the quarter-mile Ausdeck Archerfield Speedway.

McHugh beat young guns Jock Goodyer and Marcus Dumesny to the checkered flag in the 30-lapper, leading all the way after starting from the front row.

Aaron Kelly followed the podium finishers in fourth place, with Luke Oldfield filling out the top five.

McHugh paced qualifying with a lap of 11.783 seconds, while he, Brent Kratzmann, Chris McInerney, Jai Stephenson, Michael Rowell and Peter Doukas all won heat races in the double-heat formatted program.

Mitch Gowland won the B-main to lead the transfers into the main event.

The finish:

1. NQ7-Lachlan McHugh, 2. T22-Jock Goodyer, 3. N47-Marcus Dumesny, 4. Q07-Aaron Kelly, 5. Q17-Luke Oldfield, 6. Q33-Callum Walker, 7. Q5-Cody Maroske, 8. Q28-Allan Woods, 9. Q34-Kevin Britten, 10. N48-Jackson Delamont, 11. V98-Peter Doukas, 12. Q32-Mitch Gowland, 13. Q2-Brent Kratzmann, 14. Q8-Brock Dean, 15. NS45-Jai Stephenson, 16. Q46-Dylan Menz, 17. Q59-Kevin Titman, 18. Q78-Andrew Corbet, 19. Q88-Ryan McNamara, 20. Q54-Randy Morgan.