Kreutter Grabs PST Championship


HAMMETT, Pa. — Entering the final race of the Patriot Sprint Tour America season, Scott Kreutter’s opportunity to claim the championship was out of his control; but when point leader Bryan Howland fell out of the event on lap 6, Kreutter seized the moment and pulled off a stunning upset.

Kreutter dominated the 25-lap Patriot Sprint Tour American Series Finale and in the process claimed his first career championship by a PST-record nine points to earn the $10,000 championship payout.

Kreutter had been in the championship mix all season, but after the feature at Mercer the night before was lost to rain, it appeared that it had slipped away.

“After last night getting rained out I didn’t think it was possible,” Kreutter said. “Bryan usually runs really good. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get to race for but it came down to the wire and I can’t believe it. It’s awesome!”

Jamie Collard finished second with Jamie Bodo, Tim Kelly and Jared Zimbardi completing the top five.

The finish:

Scott Kreutter, Jamie Collard, Jamie Bodo, Tim Kelly, Jared Zimbardi, George Suprick, Dave Wickham, Tommy Wickham, Bruce DeWick, Steve Hutchinson Jr., Clint Ide, Brandan Warner, Adam Anderson, Derek Jonathan, Jay Groves, Stan Zanchin, Doug Bowman, Dalton Daniels, Craig Daniels, Bryan Howland, Steve Collins.