King Of The Wing Postpones Central Tour


MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho – King of the Wing officials, in coordination with Colorado National Speedway and Intermountain Speedway promoters, have been forced to postpone the planned Central Tour.

This postponement is in consideration of Colorado and Wyoming directives that detail their respective recovery from the shutdown due to COVID_19. These directives affect the amount of people that can gather at venues.

Unlike many similar racing organizations, King of the Wing is not planning to compete without fans.

“We are aware that most major sporting activities, including several major racing organizations, are operating, or planning to operate with no fans in the stands,” King of the Wing officials said in a press release. “These organizations have huge corporate sponsorships and television revenue sharing deals that make it possible for them to run without income. Although our partner tracks have great sponsors, it just is not enough to pay the bills associated with running a full race event.”

King of the Wing has not announced any potential reschedule dates for the Central Tour.