It’s Bubak Again In Dodge City Sprint Nationals Finale

It's Bubak Again
Jake Bubak in victory lane at Dodge City Raceway Park. (TWC photo)

DODGE CITY, Kan. – Jake Bubak emerged from a torrid, race-long three-way battle for the lead to score his second consecutive Lubbock Wrecker Service DCRP Sprint Car Nationals triumph, topping Saturday night’s 30-lap finale at Dodge City Raceway Park.

Bubak led only the final six circuits aboard the Wells-powered Coyote Candle Company No. 74b Maxim after Jason Martin and Zach Blurton both shared time pacing the field in the fourth annual event.

Bubak collected $3,970 for the win and earned a total of $5,170 for the three-day weekend.

After the night’s three Last Chance Heat Races filled positions seven through 16 for the 30-lap DCRP Sprint Car Nationals finale, Jason Martin flexed his muscle by racing from fifth to win the six-lap Hambelton Racing Pole Dash and the $300 that went with it by making a last-lap pass of Bubak on the high side.

And, after passing 25 cars in Thursday and Friday’s preliminary feature action, Martin made the most of the pole starting position by gunning into the initial lead ahead of Bubak and third-starter Zach Blurton.

The tone was set early on, with the trio of Martin, Bubak and Blurton battling the entire distance.

Blurton began marching forward after a lap seven caution for Monty Ferreira, blasting past Bubak for second on the eighth lap and then surging ahead of Martin for the point on the 10th round. Bubak made his way past Martin briefly on the 20th lap, but Martin made his way back around Bubak and reclaimed the lead from Blurton on the 23rd circuit.

Bubak was hot on Martin’s heels, following his past Blurton and then making his way into the lead on the 25th lap.

Martin kept the heat on, looking for an opening to make a last-lap move, but had to settle for runner-up honors in the Myers-powered Trucks Plus/Speedway Motors No. 5x EMI.

Blurton settled for the show position in the Myers-powered J&K Trucking No. 11 Maxim with Taylor Velasquez and Jordan Knight rounding out the top five. Jeremy Huish was sixth, with Chase Randall, David Luckie, Luke Cranston and Ray Seemann completing the top 10.

Cranston picked up the $500 Steve Hilker Trucking, Inc., Hard Charger Award. Blurton picked up the $500 Adams Roofing Mid-Way Bonus and Blake Scott was awarded the $250 Adams Roof Tech “Best Appearing Car” Award.

A total of 40 cars took part in the fourth annual Lubbock Wrecker Service DCRP Sprint Car Nationals.

In the seventh annual IMCA Sport Modified Mayhem North vs. South Duel, Woodward, Oklahoma’s Brandon Kenny edged into the lead racing towards the checkered flag in the 30-lapper to become the sixth different winner of the event.

Following a pair of cautions with one lap in the books, pole starter Luke Stallbaumer slipped away from the field under an extended green flag run as Mike Roach held down second with Jeff Kaup in third.

After starting sixth, Kenny held steady until he began climbing through the pack after ten laps. Gaining momentum, Kenny made his way past Kaup for third on the 17th lap and then reeled in Roach by the 23rd lap as Stallbaumer cruised out front with nearly a straightaway advantage.

Misfortune struck Stallbaumer at that point as his right rear tire went low and the duo of Roach and Kenny quickly reeled him in and made quick work of the slowing machine on lap 26.

Stallbaumer’s tire finally shredded a lap later, setting up a three-lap dash to the checkered with Roach leading Kenny.

Kenny went to the high side to work on Roach, finally pulling alongside as the white flag flew.

The duo battled side-by-side for the final three-eighths of a mile, with Kenny getting a strong run off the final corner to flash under the checkered flag with less than a car-length advantage.

Kaup claimed the show position with Mike Lunow racing from 10th to fourth.

Brendyn Nordyke advanced a half-dozen positions to round out the top five, with Mike Roach, Troy Bynum, James Lott, Kyle Wiens and Monty Nordyke completing the top 10.

The finish:

1. 74b-Jake Bubak (2) [$3,970], 2. 5x-Jason Martin (1) [$2,720], 3. 11-Zach Blurton (3) [$2,410], 4. 21x-Taylor Velasquez (4) [$1,000], 5. 10-Jordan Knight (6) [$800], 6. 88J-Jeremy Huish (5) [$700], 7. 9-Chase Randall (11) [$650], 8. 45d-David Luckie (7) [$600], 9. 49x-Luke Cranston (15) [$550], 10. 72-Ray Seemann (8) [$500], 11. 29s-Blake Scott (9) [$475], 12. 98-J.D. Johnson (16)  [$450], 13. 17x-Jake Martens (12) [$425], 14. 116-Vance Wofford (19) [$400], 15. 0-Steven Richardson (10) [$400], 16. 11k-Tyler Knight (14) [$400], 17. 2b-Brett Becker (20) [$400], 18. 51r-Ross Essenburg (22) [$400], 19. 29n-Larry Neighbors (21) [$400], 20. 911-Ty Williams (17) [$400], 21. 45-Monty Ferriera (13) [$400], 22. 1x-Cody Lampe (18) [$400].

Lap Leaders: Jason Martin 1-9, Zach Blurton 10-22, Jason Martin 24-24, Jake Bubak 25-30.