A Hall Of Fame Day For Danny Lasoski

Knoxville Raceway winners Clint Garner, Danny Lasoski and Cade Higday are joined by flagman Doug Clark. (Knoxville Raceway photo)

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — It was a great day to be Danny Lasoski at Knoxville Raceway on Saturday.

In the afternoon, he was inducted with three others into the Knoxville Raceway Hall of Fame.  At night, he led from green to checker to earn $5,000 and his 112th victory on Marion County Farm Bureau Mid-Season Championship Night.

Those joining Lasoski in the Knoxville Raceway Hall of Fame class included official Craig Johnson, official Jim Roush (accepted by son Bob) and owner/mechanic, Jeff Woodruff.

Clint Garner won his third feature of the season and the 31st of his career in the 360 class. Kade Higday also won his third main event of the season in the 305 class, and the fifth in his career.

Lasoski shot out to an early lead in a 25-lap feature on a track that would lay rubber early.  Lynton Jeffrey and Ian Madsen were in tow, with Brian Brown moving into fourth by the third circuit.  Rubber was apparent in turns one and two by lap four.  Madsen shot by Jeffrey into second and pursued Lasoski.

The leaders were in lapped traffic by lap 10.  When Jeffrey slipped out of the turn two groove on lap 14, Brown pounced into third.  At that point, a blanket could be thrown over the fourth, fifth and sixth place cars of Jeffrey, Brooke Tatnell and Austin McCarl.  Tatnell was able to move into fourth by the time the first caution of the race came out for Scott Bogucki, who blew his right-rear tire.

Jeffrey used the restart to retake fourth, and the race was slowed again when Carson McCarl, who was joining brother Austin and father Terry for his first 410 start at Knoxville, spun on lap 20.

Lasoski pulled away the last five laps to take the win ahead of Madsen, Brown, Tatnell, who reclaimed fourth on the final restart, and Jeffrey.

“(Car owner Mark Burch) is one hell of a person, one hell of a friend, and a great crew chief,” said Lasoski.  “He and I are the only crew, and I do the fuel. He does everything else. He works his tail off, and I want to thank his beautiful wife Mary and his kids, because they’d probably rather have him home. The yellows started coming out, and you don’t know how much of your tire you need to save, and how much you need to go. The track was shining up and we had to save our tire. It worked out for us.”

The finish:

Danny Lasoski, Ian Madsen, Brian Brown, Brooke Tatnell, Lynton Jeffrey, Austin McCarl, Terry McCarl, Dakota Hendrickson, Tasker Phillips, Josh Schneiderman, Rager Phillips, Matt Juhl, Davey Heskin, R.J. Johnson, Ryan Bunton, Chris Martin, Austin Johnson, Bob Weuve, A.J. Moeller, Carson McCarl, Scott Bogucki, Dustin Selvage, Bobby Mincer, Paige Polyak.