Gregg Tops Marysville Civil War Romp

Andy Gregg won Saturday's Civil War Sprint Car Series feature at Marysville (Calif.) Raceway Park.
Andy Gregg won Saturday’s Civil War Sprint Car Series feature at Marysville (Calif.) Raceway Park.

MARYSVILLE, Calif. – Andy Gregg dominated the 30-lap Civil War Sprint Car Series feature event at Marysville Raceway Park Saturday night.

By way of winning the series’ inaugural Dash with their revamped format, Gregg started on the front row alongside Alissa Geving. Gregg got the early jump aboard his Scott Russell-owned Mike’s Hard Lemonade/Capitol Ace Hardware entry.

Geving was hot on his tail for a majority of the race aboard her A1A Performance Muffler/ALC Machine Shop entry. She was able to pull alongside Gregg once in traffic, but was unable to make a pass to take the top spot and trailed in the second spot.

With 10 laps complete the complexity of the race took a dramatic change, as a big wreck involving several of the top-five occurred on a restart as Jonathan Allard, Tommy Tarlton, Willie Croft, and Matt Peterson were involved. All the drivers were OK, but only Allard and Peterson were able to restart from the tail.

When action resumed Gregg continued to lead the charge as he tip toed around the rough track, but behind him Geoff Ensign was moving in on Geving as was Sean Becker and 19th starting Herman Klein.

As the laps clicked down, disaster struck for second running Geving, who caught a rut and spun her machine out, putting her to the back ahead of the lapped cars in the 14th spot.

With Sean Becker starting alongside Gregg, he continued to be flawless on his restarts as he led the way with Becker, Ensign, Klein and Andy Forsberg, up to fifth from the back, trailing him. As cars began to tighten up as the track brought moisture back during the feature, a monster wheel-stand down the back stretch by Becker allowed Ensign to take over the second spot.

The checkered flag flew on the feature with Gregg taking the win over Ensign, Becker, Klein and Colby Wiesz.

“I just cannot thank my crew enough,” Gregg said in victory lane. “We have had a great start to the season so far, and to come out and win this opener in front of a packed house, and with a stout field of cars is pretty awesome. I have to thank Scott and Kami Russell for letting me have some fun for them, and hopefully we can keep these coming.”

The finish:

Andy Gregg, Geoff Ensign, Sean Becker, Herman Klein, Andy Forsberg, Colby Wiesz, Bradley Terrell, Shane Golobic, Alissa Geving, Justyn Cox, Jeremy Burt, Kurt Nelson, Matt Peterson, Trevor Schmid, Justin Sanders, Jonathan Allard, Carl Droivold, Tommy Tarlton, Willie Croft, Billy Wallace, Peter Paulson, Steven Tiner.