Fry Talks BOSS & FAST Sprint Car Plans

Aaron Fry (third from left) has been keeping busy working on the BOSS and FAST sprint car schedules. (Todd Ridgeway Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS – Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series front man Aaron Fry addressed his teams and supporters during the annual PRI Trade Show.

Fry, who founded the BOSS non-winged series in 2011 and recently acquired the FAST Championship Series for winged sprint cars from Rich Farmer, has been busy scheduling events for the new season.

“Obviously scheduling is the biggest thing,” said Fry. “Up against the competition like the winged sprint car races in June for instance. During All Star Ohio Speedweek and other several big shows like the Kings Royal, the big race at Mansfield, and others, it only leaves you so many weekends for race dates.

“It’s just the logistics of it, when you try and miss as many of those shows as you can, there are only so many weekends. It’s tough, a lot of the race tracks all want the same date, and we must decide who gets it and it gets tough.”

Fry said that the BOSS schedule will look very similar to years past, with a roughly 20-race schedule in the works.

“It is going to stay very similar to what we have done in previous years and stay around a 20-race schedule, which is par for the course,” said Fry. “There will be some new track additions as Gas City will go on the schedule and Oakshade has given me the green light for one race date. We are also talking with Moller Raceway Park. And we are returning to Richmond (Ky.) for a one race deal.

Fry did say that there is potential for rule changes for the BOSS series, including an update to the series’ tire rules that would see Hoosier become the exclusive tire of the series. He did stress that nothing has been decided or announced on that front.

“As far as rule changes, we have not decided yet, but we are exploring the option of going to a four-corner open Hoosier tire rule,” Fry said. “Things change, the market changes, and time changes. We have been a wide-open tire series for eight years, and the time has come, and Hoosier approached us. With the opportunity there to sign a tire deal with them helps us with our search for a title sponsor. We did not have a title sponsor in 2018.

“The teams have been asking for growth, but when you run the same program with the same payouts and same points fund for years, then the option comes along were I can almost double my points fund money…we are just shy of doubling the points fund with the Hoosier deal. I just have to do what is best for most of my race teams, so we will probably go with the four corner Hoosier. We will also go to group qualifying at all the BOSS events this year. In the past we just did group qualifying at the higher paying events. In 2019 it will be at every event.”

As far as the FAST Championship Series is concerned, Fry said he plans to continue along the same path as former series owner Farmer.

“Me and Rich Farmer had a great race working relationship for years and he wanted me to take the FAST Series and go with it,” said Fry. “We are not out to hurt anybody, and not doing anything new taking it outside of Attica and Fremont. There were tracks like Waynesfield, Mansfield, Sharon and other tracks already on the schedule outside of Attica and Fremont. But if a racer wants to stay at Attica and Fremont to race, we certainly encourage that. Rich gave the series to me and asked me to continue to run it just as I do my BOSS series and that is exactly what we are going to be doing.”