Format For Dave Steele Non-Wing Sprint Event Announced


PINELLAS PARK, Fla. – Showtime Speedway officials have announced the format for the Dave Steele World Non-Wing Sprint Car Championship 125 on Feb. 20.

Track officials have also confirmed the purse for 30-lap tune-up race on Feb. 19.

The two-day event will utilize Little 500 rules, including the four-lap qualifying format. Teams will qualify the day of the race in an hour and a half qualifying session between 2:30-4 p.m. that will set the 26-car starting field.

Each car will make a four-lap qualifying attempt with a four-lap average to determine his overall qualifying time. The qualifying format will add a new twist and drama to the 125 -lap event later that evening. The annual Little 500 in Anderson, Ind., is currently the only other sprint car event in the country that utilized this formula.

On Feb. 19 teams will have the opportunity to compete in a 30-lap non-wing sprint car program that will serve as a tune-up and preview of the Dave Steele World Non-Wing Sprint Car Championship 125. The 125-lap event will pay $5,000 to the winner courtesy of BG Products.

As of Jan. 20, 20 have entered the event. Although there is no official pre-entry system in place for this race, teams have reached out to Pavement Pounders or we have reached out the them to assemble an accurate event entry list. Current entrants include Aaron Pierce, Johnny Gilbertson, Bobby Santos III, Shane Butler, Kyle O’Gara, Tyler Roahrig, Joe Liguori, Tommy Nichols, Kody Karl, Ronnie Roberts and John Inman, among others. There are several more who have not committed but are expected to announce their participation in the coming weeks.

Officials have also announced a tire compound change to this race. Originally the Hoosier M40 was the tire going to be utilized on the right rear corner. However, officials have decided to now use the Hoosier 450. This is also the same tire the local Southern Sprint Car Shootout Series teams regularly use. This tire must be purchased at the track and will be impounded once purchased and not released until prior to qualifying. The other compounds for the other three corners are LF 2010, RF 20/30, LR M20 or M30. The right rear tire is the only tire teams will be required to purchase at the track.

The purse for the 30-lap tune-up race on Feb. 19 was also announced today and is as follows: $1,500-$1,000-$750-$650-$550-$500-$400-$350. Ninth thru 14th will pay $300 and 15th through the remainder of the field will get $250.