Dewease Still Leads Priority Aviation Sponsorship Chase

Lance Dewease remains the leader of the Priority Aviation $20,000 Sponsorship program. (Paul Arch Photo)
Lance Dewease remains the leader of the Priority Aviation $20,000 Sponsorship program. (Paul Arch Photo)

KNOXVILLE, Iowa – The race for the Priority Aviation $20,000 sponsorship for Nationals week in August at Knoxville is wide open.

The opportunity benefiting the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum for a $20,000 sponsorship from Priority Aviation is available to any driver competing at Knoxville in August at either the 360 Nationals or 410 Nationals.

The competition will continue until a winner is announced on July 31. All funds collected go towards paying off the remaining construction costs of the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower adjacent to the museum.

“We want to thank the drivers who have participated thus far, but we also want to let all drivers and fans of any driver know that we haven’t had a team break away from the pack yet,” said National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Executive Director Bob Baker. “There are no leads here that are insurmountable by any stretch of the imagination. Contact us to learn more, or grab some brochures for more information on memberships or donations so you can take advantage of this great opportunity from Priority Aviation.”

Currently, 17 drivers have taken advantage of the contest.  2018 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee Lance Dewease leads the current standings ahead of Wisconsin’s Bill Balog, Iowa’s McKenna Haase, Tennessee’s Sammy Swindell, Oregon’s Tanner Holmes, Iowa’s Carson McCarl, Ohio’s Jac Haudenschild, Connecticut’s David Gravel, Ohio’s Sheldon Haudenschild, Wisconsin’s Scott Thiel, Iowa’s Austin McCarl, Indiana’s Parker Price-Miller, Minnesota’s Craig Dollansky, South Dakota’s Clint Garner, California’s Mason Daniel, Ohio’s Chad Kemenah and Iowa’s Joe Beaver.

All that sprint car teams need to do is have their prospective members or donors visit and order a membership there, or contact the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum and request membership packets or make a donation.  If ordering online, specify your driver or race team in the notes section on the final page.

The museum can ship membership and donation information out for the drivers and teams to pass out at their races throughout the season.  The driver or team with the highest amount of donations returned to the museum before July 31, will receive the $20,000 sponsorship funding.

All funds collected will go towards paying off remaining construction costs on the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower. Memberships start at $25 per year, but any donation amount will be accepted.