Cobra Strikes At Ransomville


RANSOMVILLE, N.Y. — The last time Chuck Hebing was at the Ransomville Speedway he flipped out of the park in turn three and ended up between a pair of trees.

After being bitten that night three years ago, “Cobra” bit back with an impressive performance Friday night.

Hebing shot around Tim Kelly on lap 16 and drove away to score his second PST win of the season, his series-record 37th.

He drove from ninth to fourth in his heat race to easily make the redraw, where he selected the seventh starting spot. Chuck knew though in order to get to Ransomville Victory Lane for the third time in his career though he and his crew would have to work hard to ensure that his No. 45 was able to drive to the front.

“We changed our car quite a bit from the heat race,” reflected Hebing. “The track became a nice hard edge up on the top, (the modifieds) put a hard lip on there so you could ride right against it. The top was the fast way around. It was a little challenging but it showed again, that’s the line you got to run if you want to pass cars around here.”

Justin Barger finished second with Kelly, Jared Zimbardi and Bryan Rowland filling the top five.

The finish:

Chuck Hebing, Justin Barger, Tim Kelly, Jared Zimbardi, Bryan Howland, Charlie Donk, Tommy Wickham, George Suprick, Scott Kreutter, Steve Collins, Don Adamczyk, Brandan Warner, Derek Jonathan, Clint Ide, Bruce DeWick, Steve Hutchinson Jr., Paul Habeck.