Carber Looking Forward To Second Season

Brian Carber of Pipersville, Pa., will be returning for his second season in the Rislone URC Sprint Series in 2014. Carber, who will turn 20 in February, joined URC in 2013 for his first season of 360 sprint car racing.He had a solid rookie year, earning a feature win at New Egypt (N.J.) Speedway and finished fifth in the overall URC point chase. Carber had previously competed in both 305 sprints and 600 micros.

For the youthful Carber, driving for Guy Howie in the coming season offers a huge opportunity.“Guy has talent and experience behind him and he is just the person to take our deal to the next level,” said Carber.

“The kid is one hundred ten percent into racing, it’s just something he shows the desire to do and in racing today, you need to give one hundred ten percent to be competitive,” said Guy Howie as he talked about his new driver.

The team will concentrate on chasing the Rislone URC Sprint Series championship and they will maintain multiple cars, including one new sprinter for the start of the season.

 “I’m excited about the new season and I would really like to win a championship title, I really need one before I stop doing this racing stuff,” said Howie.

Carber is happy with the strong schedule and the variety of different race tracks.

“I like that the 358 sprints can run with us as well as the central Pennsylvania 360 sprint drivers. I want to run with the best and some nights, URC has it all,” added Carber.

For Carber, his entire life has been racing.

“I’ve been around racing my whole life and if you want to be good, you need learn all aspects of racing,” said Carber. “On the track, I just have to keep working and I must force myself to go somewhere else, find another lane or make a new one. I can’t win by following someone.”

A lot of the inspiration behind Carber comes from his father, Ed.

“My dad has pushed me since I was 5 years old. I feel like I was born in a race car. My Dad would push me to better, he is a silent pusher  and he has always been there for me,” said Carber. “As for 2014, we can be a strong team to win the URC championship.  I’ve got everything I need to be confident and I know Guy will give me a car to win races and get the job done.”