Bunbury City Sprint Belongs To James McFadden


DAVENPORT, Australia – James McFadden padded his already-stout season victory total with a Maddington Toyota Sprint Car Series triumph Saturday at Bunbury City Speedway.

McFadden topped the 23rd annual Krikke Boys Shootout in relatively-dominant fashion for his sixth overall win of the season. He never ran worse than third in the 35-lap main event and made the winning pass of Brooke Tatnell with 12 laps to go.

From there, the recently-crowned QSS World Series champion drove out to a .814-second margin over Cory Eliason, with Tatnell hanging on to complete the podium.

David Murcott crossed fourth and Brad Maiolo was fifth.

Jason Kendrick, Callum Williamson, Lynton Jeffrey, Andrew Priolo and Mitchell Wormall filled out the top 10.

Jamie Landrigan won the limited sprint car feature.

The finish:

1. 17-James McFadden; 2. USA26-Cory Eliason; 3. V55-Brooke Tatnell; 4. WA95-David Murcott; 5. 77-Brad Maiolo; 6. 11-Jason Kendrick; 7. 3-Callum Williamson; 8. USA1J-Lynton Jeffrey; 9. 8-Andrew Priolo; 10. 97-Mitchell Wormall; 11. 83-Daniel Hartigan; 12. 14-Jason Pryde; 13. 63-Todd Davis; 14. 4-Cameron McKenzie; 15. 12-Daniel Harding; 16. 2-Kerry Madsen; 17. 79-Kris Coyle; 18. 42-Ben Butcher; 19. 60-Brock Hallett; 20. 50-Tom Callaghan; 21. 51-Jamie Oldfield; 22. T22-Jock Goodyer.