Bruns Conquers Jacksonville Sprints

A.J. Bruns in victory lane Friday at Jacksonville (Ill.) Speedway. (William Baker photo)
A.J. Bruns in victory lane Friday at Jacksonville (Ill.) Speedway. (William Baker photo)
A.J. Bruns in victory lane Friday at Jacksonville (Ill.) Speedway. (William Baker photo)

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. — After winning the fast dash with the Midwest Open Wheel Ass’n Sprint Car Series presented by Casey’s General Stores Friday at Jacksonville Speedway, A.J. Bruns knew he need to get to the first corner first and then maneuver through lapped traffic well to win the feature.

Apparently one out of two isn’t bad, because A.J. Bruns picked up his first MOWA victory of the season with a late-race pass of Joey Moughan.

Moughan followed a lapped car high into turn three as the lead pair worked toward the white flag. When the lapped car took away Moughan’s momentum, Bruns was there to pounce. As the pair worked side-by-side off turn four, Bruns worked ahead and took the lead as the white flag waved.

Bruns caught lapped traffic as he entered turn three, while the pair worked the final lap. Bruns had to enter low to try to get by the lapped cars, while Moughan was able to barrel it in on the high side. When Bruns started to lose momentum in the slick of the racetrack, he began to drift up the track.

As he worked off of turn four, Bruns drifted up the track, with Levi Curry to his outside. Meanwhile, Moughan had diamond the corner and was looking for a drag race down the front stretch.

It was not to be though, as Bruns slid up the track he bounced off Curry, and propelled himself to the win, behind him Curry and Ben Wagoner got tangled up right at the exit of turn four. Curry and Wagoner laid in a heap in turn four as Bruns raced Moughan to the stripe.

Joe B. Miller capped the night with a career best third place finish with the MOWA series, while Robbie Standridge was fourth and Jason Johnson fifth.

The finish:

A.J. Bruns, Joey Moughan, Joe B. Miller, Robbie Standridge, Jason Johnson, Jerrod Hull, Chris Urish, Korey Weyant, Ben Wagoner, Zach Daum, Jeremy Standridge, Logan Faucon, Andy Baugh, Tiffany Wyzard, Jeff Wingate, Caleb Wankel, Levi Curry, Bret Triplett, Trey Datweiler, Ryan Kempin.


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