Bloom Ready For Winchester Return


Veteran sprint car driver Jeff Bloom has been racing at Winchester (Ind.) Speedway for a long time. Bloom’s racing career began back in 1968. It wasn’t until 1972 that Bloom began competing in the sprint cars and in particular, the American Speed Ass’n.

Since his sprint car debut at Winchester in 1972, Bloom has 27 second-place finishes.

Track statistician, Bob Lemons, claims that Bloom holds the record for most second-place finishes during the track’s 100-year history.

“How many times should I have won at Winchester? A lot,” states Bloom. ”Something always seemed to happen for one reason or another. I know I’ve finished second three times in the King of Wings race.”

Bloom is eagerly looking forward to Sunday’s Xtreme Speed Challenge at Winchester Speedway.

It will be the third race of the season for the Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series and first for the Must See Racing Super Modified Series.

If you ask Bloom, he will quickly tell you he loves racing at Winchester Speedway.

”I love the race track,” Bloom said. “But I will tell you this about Winchester — it’s the only race track that I’ve run where you go in the corner hard and you don’t know for sure if you’re gonna exit the corner. You race the track and not the competitors. The second time I ever ran Winchester, I had fast time and tied the track record with a lap of 16.18 seconds.”

Sunday’s return to Winchester will technically be Bloom’s first race back since he suffered severe burns in a frightening crash at Michigan’s Berlin Raceway last August. Bloom attempted his comeback April 14 during the Glen Niebel Classic at Anderson Speedway. Engine problems didn’t allow Bloom the opportunity to compete in the feature event.

“I feel fine. I felt fine at Anderson with what few laps I got before the motor problems,” Bloom said.

The Xtreme Speed Challenge will start what will be a hectic week for Bloom. In addition to Winchester, Bloom will compete in the Must See Racing 60 at Anderson May 22, and the Little 500 three days later. Bloom is a three-time Little 500 winner.

Bloom will be inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame next month. He’s confident Sunday will be a good day.

“My expectations are to run up front and be competitive,” Bloom said. “My chances of winning are up in the air because you never know what can happen. But the last time I ran there last August, I was fourth quick, started on the pole, and ran up front. So we’ll see what happens.”