Becker Banks $7,000 In Nor-Cal Posse Shootout Finale

Cover Photo by Joe Shivak

Joe Shivak Photo

PLACERVILLE, Calif. – Sean Becker claimed the biggest victory of his career in the finale of the second annual Nor-Cal Posse Shootout on Saturday night at Placerville Speedway.

Driving the Menne Motorsports No. 75, the Roseville, Calif., driver took the lead from Kyle Hirst just before halfway and held off challenges from Tanner Thorson and Justyn Cox to pocket the $7,000 prize.

The popular driver jumped from his car in victory lane and immediately started to climb the front stretch fence at the starter’s stand. After climbing back down, the jubilant driver was greeted by his wife and their young daughters.

Becker, a 15 year sprint car veteran, told the crowd about the important win.

“To pass Kyle Hirst, the best in the business, is a big deal,” he said. “The way this year has been going, it’s been a struggle.”

The race started with Hirst and Thorson on the front row. Those two drivers played a cat and mouse game until the race’s first caution on lap 11 for a Cody Lamar spin coming out of turn two. Two laps later, third-place Becker drove by both Hirst and Thorson with a move low in the first turn.

The race slowed again on lap 15 when Blake Carrick had issues at the beginning of the front stretch. A lap later, Lamar would spin a second time, eliminating him from the race. Becker continued to run the low groove around the track while Hirst was right on his tail. Hirst chose to run high in the corners as Thorson was laying back, waiting to see the outcome.

Shane Golobic would bring out a caution flag on lap 19 when he stopped on the track. He would have to be towed off the track, but returned before the restart after making repairs in the work area.

The race would go non-stop for the remaining laps as Hirst would fade and Cox, who started seventh, made his march to the front.  Becker’s laps were flawless while both Thorson and Cox struggled, both taking turns hitting the top cushion and loosing track position to Becker.

The finish:

Sean Becker, Tanner Thorson, Justyn Cox, Kyle Hirst, Willie Croft, Andy Gregg, Andy Forsberg, Greg DeCairies, Mitchell Faccinto, D.J. Netto, Joey Saldana, Justin Sanders, Shane Hopkins, Kalib Henry, Jodie Robinson, Colby Copeland, Chase Johnson, Kyle Officc, Cody Hodgson, Kalib Montgomery, Shane Golobic, Blake Carrick, Cody Lamar, Steven Tiner.