Another Australian Victory For Kraig Kinser


SYDNEY — Race fans believe Sydney Speedweeks at Valvoline Raceway has been so successful it cannot be duplicated.

A big call, but much of the success can be attributed to Steve and Kraig Kinser who have dominated the racing scene here with Dale Blaney, Justin Henderson and Brad Sweet.

Kraig Kinser has been the talking point following his two successes this week in the World sprint car Derby and the Valvoline Australian Grand Prix, both paying $10.000 to win.

Steve led Wednesday night’s AGP and was in devastating form.

Kraig caught him midway through the event and father and son went about it like prize fighters for 10 laps.

Wheels banging and elbows up, they established a big lead over nice guy Blaney while Max Dumesny, Robbie Farr and Henderson disputed fourth.

Kraig stepped from his Mesilla Valley Transport sprinter with a grin from ear to ear which was almost as wide as the smile on Steve’s face.

“Man that was a good race and it feels great to have won two of the three majors here in Sydney,” Kraig said.

“Anytime you finish second to your son and he deserved the win I’m well satisfied,” chimed the King of the Outlaws.

The prestigious Sprintcar championship of New South Wales (the State in which Sydney is situated) will be held tonight with another $10.000 to the winner.

After that there’s next weekend’s Scott Darley classic, a two nighter that pays tribute to a promising young sprint car driver who lost his life in an accident at the track four years ago.

“The winning driver will collect between $10.000 and $19.000, depending on where he starts in the field,” said Valvoline Raceway CEO Mike Raymond. “I have been staggered by the number of fans who have phoned, emailed and stopped me at the track to say how fantastic the racing has been and how much they have appreciated Steve, Kraig and the Americans competing against our Aussies,” he added.