All Darling In Winchester URC Sprint


WINCHESTER, Va. – Kevin Darling rolled home the winner of the 25-lap Rislone URC Sprint Series feature at Winchester Speedway Saturday night.

Darling started on the pole and led the race green flag to checker, but was challenged numerous times along the way. For Darling, it was his first URC win of the season and his third career victory.

Two Rislone URC heat races were presented with victories going to Davie Franek and Robbie Stillwaggon.

In the 25-lap feature event, Darling took the lead as the green flag waved. Stillwaggon, who started eighth, was racing in third by lap two. Darling maintained a comfortable lead followed by Randy West, Stillwaggon, Franek and Brian Carber.

The caution flag was displayed on lap eight when George Streaker stopped on the speedway. The restart saw Stillwaggon challenge and pass West for second, allowing Stillwaggon to turn his attention to catching Darling. Suddenly Franek was in the picture, taking over second on lap 10. One lap later, Stillwaggon was back in second.

At the halfway point of the Darling was still on point now being chased by Stillwaggon, West, Brian Carber and Franek. On lap 15 Franek moved by Stillwaggon and began to reel in the leader. Franek was definitely closing in on the leader then Jeff Fithian spun on lap 19, bringing out the caution flag.

On the restart Franek made a bold move to take the lead, but Darling powered back to the front of the pack.

With two laps to go Franek, Stillwaggon and Carber were in a battle for second, mixing it up in every turn. Franek tried to make one last attempt at the win, but Darling was up to the challenge and easily took the checkered flag over Franek, Stillwaggon, West and Carber

The finish:

Kevin Darling, Davie Franek, Robbie Stillwaggon, Randy West, Brian Carber, Josh Weller, Troy Betts, Jonathan Swanson, Jimmy Stitzel, Will Eggimann, Keith Prutzman, Scott Lutz, Eddie Wagner, Wes Irwin, Brad Franks, Jeff Fithian, Ed Aikin, George Streaker.