Annual All-HammerDown Team Revealed

All-HammerDown Team
Donny Schatz (Chris Seelman Photo)

ROCKLIN, Calif. – The 2016 All-HammerDown Team, led by World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series champion Donny Schatz, was announced on Friday.

The 40 driver squad includes those who performed best at the highest paying and most prestigious American, grass roots, open-wheel events.

Five drivers continued their streak of making the All-HammerDown Team in each of the 14 years since the honor was created in 2003. The five are Dave Darland, Danny Lasoski, Daryn Pittman, Joey Saldana and Donny Schatz.  One driver made the team for the first time in his career, Jamie Veal of Australia. Among the 40 drivers to receive this badge of honor is the late Bryan Clauson.

“Bryan was the epitome of a racer’s racer,” said Bobby Gerould, editor of “Bryan really helped further the philosophy that the best drivers are not limited to one discipline within open-wheel racing. He succeeded wildly in non-wing but he wanted to challenge himself to become great with a wing too.”

The All-HammerDown Team acknowledges the drivers that performed well at big-race national events where the car count was more than 30. Drivers had to finish in the top 15 in a feature to secure points. This year there were 255 drivers that earned points but only the top 40 receive the All-HammerDown status.

The 14th annual All-HammerDown Team, in alphabetical order:

Rico Abreu, Brady Bacon, Dale Blaney, Brian Brown, Bryan Clauson, Jerry Coons Jr., Dave Darland, Lance Dewease, Danny Dietrich, David Gravel, Sheldon Haudenschild, Greg Hodnett, Danny Holtgraver, Jason Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Tim Kaeding, Chad Kemenah, Kraig Kinser, Kyle Larson, Danny Lasoski, Ian Madsen, Kerry Madsen, Brent Marks, Terry McCarl, Paul McMahan, Daryn Pittman, Aaron Reutzel, Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz, Logan Schuchart, Tim Shaffer, Jason Sides, Stevie Smith, Shane Stewart, Brad Sweet, Sammy Swindell, Kevin Thomas Jr., Jamie Veal, Chris Windom, Lucas Wolfe.