T-Mez Conquers Sun Prairie

Thomas Meseraull in victory lane at Angell Park Speedway.
Thomas Meseraull in victory lane at Angell Park Speedway.

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — Thomas Meseraull completed a clean sweep, winning Sunday night’s 25-lap Zimbrick Chevrolet of Sun Prairie Badger Midget Racing Series feature at Angell Park Speedway.

Earlier in the evening, Meseraull topped the 26-car field with a qualifying lap of 14.403 seconds and captured his eight-lap heat race.

Point leader Jack Routson took the lead at the start, with Meseraull passing four cars on the opening lap. Two laps later Meseraull passed Scott Hatton for second place. Meseraull cut into Routson’s lead and took over the top position on lap eight entering turn three.
Two laps later, Meseraull began lapping the back of the field. Meseruall held a 1.3 second lead over Justin Peck at the race’s midway. Two caution flags for spun out cars slowed the race on laps 14 and 16.
Peck challenged Meseruall for the lead on both restarts but couldn’t make a successful pass for the lead. Meseruall increased his lead to five car lengths with five laps remaining.
Meseruall, driving the RMS Racing owned Spike/Honda No. 7, finished 2.08 seconds ahead of Peck. Routson, Chase McDermand and Zach Boden.

“This was my kinda race track tonight, the car was fantastic, this team has worked hard the last few week’s I’m so happy to finally win a feature at Angell Park,” said Meseruall, who became the 165th different midget feature winner in the track’s 73-year history.
The finish:

Feature (25 laps): 1. Thomas Meseraull; 2. Justin Peck; 3. Jack Routson; 4. Chase McDermand; 5. Zach Boden; 6. Scott Hatton; 7. Jeff Zelinski; 8. Ryan Probst; 9. Mike Stroik; 10. Tristan Koenings; 11. Kevin Olson; 12. Jeremy Douglas; 13. Jim Fuerst; 14. Kyle Brinkmann; 15. Kevin Douglas; 16. Kurt Mayhew; 17. Harrison Kleven; 18. Denny Smith; 19. Shay Sassano; 20. Matt Rechek; 21. Jordan Mattson; 22. Kyle Koch.