Routson Sneaks Through To Win At Sycamore

Routson Sneaks Through
Jack Routson in action at Sycamore Speedway on Saturday night. (Stan Kalwasinski photo)

SYCAMORE, Ill. – Jack Routson scored another late-race victory, winning Saturday’s 25-lap Zimbrick Chevrolet of Sun Prairie Badger Midget Racing Series feature at Sycamore Speedway.

The win was the 17-year old driver’s second feature win in three races.

Ryan Probst took the lead at the start, closely followed by Chase McDermand. Routson who topped the 25-car field in qualifying, was in fourth by the completion of the fourth lap.

McDermand passed Probst for the lead entering turn one on the 10th lap. One lap later McDermand made contact, with a lapped car on the backstretch, giving Probst the lead.

The pair then tangled together entering turn three, bringing out the caution. Both drivers restarted from the tail of the field.

Kevin Olson inherited the lead on the restart leading Routson, Clinton Boyles and Scott Hatton. Contact between several cars behind Olson took place two laps later, and Boyles came to a stop with a flat tire.

Olson continued to hold off the challenges of Routson, and Hatton. Routson abandoned the bottom groove and went to the high side of Olson, attempting a pass of Olson entering turn three on Lap 23.

Routson took the white flag as the race leader, and quickly moved to the bottom, and scored a .528-second victory over Hatton, driving the Tim Routson owned Boss/Chevrolet No. 14.

Olson, Jeff Zelinski, and Sean Murphy completed the top five.

“I had to move a groove higher than Olson and at least try for the victory … otherwise it was gonna be second place, and the move worked because I found some moisture and grip,” said Routson. “It’s great getting another last second win.”

Three of Routson’s four series victories have come by taking the lead with two laps or less remaining.

The finish:

1. Jack Routson; 2. Scott Hatton; 3. Kevin Olson; 4. Jeff Zelinski; 5. Sean Murphy; 6. Matt Recheck; 7. Jordan Mattson; 8. Mike Stroik; 9. Chase McDermand; 10. Kurt Mayhew; 11. Zach Boden; 12. Ken Hansen; 13. Kevin Douglas; 14. Shay Sassano; 15. Daltyn England; 16. Ryan Probst; 17. Denny smith; 18. John Smith; 19. Harrison Kleven; 20. Pat Henson; 21. David Alexander; 22. J.R. Corson; 23. Clinton Boyles; 24. Jeremy Douglas.