Farmer City Adds Illini Midgets


FARMER CITY, Ill.  – The Illini Racing Series has added an event at Farmer City Raceway to its schedule of events for the 2014 season.

The midget series will race at the quarter-mile dirt oval on Thursday, July 17 as part of the Farmer City Fair.

“It was kind of unique because Farmer City actually contacted us and they were looking for an open wheel show for their fair date and they had a couple of different options they wanted to go with but they contacted us first so that’s kind of neat that with the exposure that we have out there right now that tracks are actually contacting us,” said Illini Racing Series board member Joe Knippel.

The Thursday night date is rare for IRS competition but should evoke memories of the days when midget races were nationally televised on Thursday nights.

“We feel with the later pit gate at 4 p.m. and us anticipating the race to be over by 9 p.m. everyone can get home at a good hour,” Knipper said.