Lasoski Hits No. 99 At Knoxville


In the end Lasoski made no mistakes and took the all-time leading 99th career win here by no more than three car lengths over Brown. Davey Heskin was third as Droud Jr. impressed to finish fourth. Last week’s winner, Bronson Maeschen took fifth in a race that went the distance with no yellows or red.

The 360 feature saw the return of Nebraska’s Billy Alley who appeared to have not lost a bit of his driving finesse at this central Iowa racing facility. Alley took the lead at the outset and soon had Brian Brown nipping at his tail tank as the Missouri driver was pulling double duty on this night.

Lap four saw the red fly to bring the race to a halt when a 3-car accident occurred just into turn four. The cars of JD Johnson and Allen Ambers were involved initially and then Ricky Montgomery slid into the hapless Ambers machine. No one was hurt.

The restart saw Alley once again hold his lead position but Brown was on the move. Two laps later Brown slid Alley in turns three and four but Alley shot back and took the lap at the flag stand. As that duo headed into turn one Brown once again made the pass and this time it stuck.

At the half-way mark of this 18 lapper, Brown hit lap traffic but his skills in a sprint car saw him maneuver easily when a car was to be passed. Behind him was the current Knoxville track points leader Clint Garner. Though Garner roared around the top of the track he could not make a dent in the Brown lead.

In the end it was Brown taking the win as Garner finished second. Alley came across the stripe in third, Joe Beaver who fought Alley for that spot in the latter stages of the race settled for fourth and Russ Hall was fifth.

The 305 feature saw Larry Ball Jr. again on the victory stand in a 12-lap race that went flag to flag. He grabbed the lead at the outset and roared away from the field of challengers.

Quickly he hit lap traffic on the fifth circuit but the back markers did not slow him at all. At the end of the six-mile jaunt Ball had the field covered and came across the finish line as second place Jay Kinder was exiting turn four. Following that duo was Chris Walraven, rookie Sawyer Phillips and Bob Hildreth.