Kevin Swindell Discusses Recovery Progress


Kevin Swindell continues to undergo therapy while recovering from serious injuries suffered in an Aug. 13 sprint car crash during the Knoxville Nationals at Iowa’s Knoxville Raceway.

Veteran motorsports journalist Robin Miller, of Racer, recently interviewed Swindell at his Louisville, Ky., apartment. Miller and Racer have graciously shared that interview with SPEED SPORT readers.

Swindell, 26, who broke the L-1 and L-7 vertebrae in his back and was paralyzed from the waist down, continues to undergo outpatient therapy at the Frazier Rehab Institute in Louisville, Ky. Swindell, who is confined to a wheelchair, recently regained some feeling in his legs.

“We just finished the first month of that (therapy),” Swindell told Miller. “We undergo new evaluations on Monday and Tuesday to see exactly where the progress is. It has been pretty good so far. We have been able to get some movement back in places and get some feeling back. We just need to keep plugging along.”

Swindell is only two months into a lengthy recovery.

“I am the earliest they have had from injury the have had in this kind of program, so they are learning along with me,” Swindell said. “To be this soon and for them to tell you that it is six or so months for the swelling to go down, to be two months in already have a good bit of feeling back is pretty encouraging.”

Swindell has maintained a positive attitude despite having to learn new things.

“It is tough at times,” he told Miller. “It sucks to from going the way you live your life to being completely different, but I am dealing with it and looking forward to what I am going to be able to do when I get back. It doesn’t shut your life off by any means, it just puts a little kink in it — learning what you do when you go to dinner out and how to get your wheelchair into places, but it’s not too bad.”

Swindell, who said he hopes to race again one day, is focused on getting his strength back. He and longtime girlfriend Jordan Armstrong were recently engaged.

Watch the full interview by clicking the embedded video at the top of this story.