It’s Thomas Again In Indiana Sprint Week


Able to work smoothly past slower cars, Thomas didn’t give Darland an opportunity to catch him. At the finish, he held a half-straightaway margin.

“I guess that the cars got the bottom blown off a little bit and I could weave in and out of people when I needed to. Getting through lapped traffic was the key to the game tonight and we got through there pretty good, it felt like. I don’t know how close Dave was, but I know he was back there. It felt good to get through lapped traffic and get the win tonight.”

With the second-place finish, Darland continued to lead both the national series and the Sprint Week points. He was pleased, saying, “It was really good there in the middle of the race. It took me four or five laps to really figure out where I was better. We did that. He got about a straightaway ahead of us and we ran him back down. Lapped traffic and a couple of bad decisions on my part, and he got back away. I was able to gain about half of that distance back towards the end, but it just wasn’t quite enough.”

Following the first three Indiana Sprint Week events, Darland holds a 28-point advantage over Thomas, with Bryan Clauson another point behind.