Hoosier Hundred Is Rich In Racing History


1984 HULMAN: Rain after 33 miles leaves George Snider as the race winner. Ronnie Burke and Terry Kawell escape injury in flips.

1984 HOOSIER: Steve Chassey leads wire-to-wire. Larry Martin suffers skull fracture in flip on lap 89.

1985 HULMAN: Sheldon Kinser passes Joe Saldana on lap 48 and wins.

1985 HOOSIER: Gary Bettenhausen loses oil pressure after 26 laps and Sheldon Kinser wins again.

1986 HULMAN: Jack Hewitt recovers from an early-race spin to pass Bill Engelhart on lap 26 and win!

1986 HOOSIER: Jack Hewitt comes from fourth to take lead at start and lead wire-to-wire. Johnny Parsons flips on lap two. Andy Hillenburg suffers broken shoulder blade in spectacular crash with Warren Mockler, who suffers minor burns on hands.

1987 HULMAN: Jeff Swindell subs for Gary Bettenhausen and wins. Robby Unser suffers a broken leg in a crash during a preliminary race.

1987 HOOSIER: Kenny Jacobs passes Dave Blaney on lap 86 to win. Gary Irvin and George Snider suffer minor injuries in flips.

1988 HULMAN: Chuck Gurney and teammate Kenny Jacobs finish 1-2.

1988 HOOSIER: Jack Hewitt leads all 100 laps to win. Ray Joe Fager and Jerry Nemire execute a “double flip” on lap 78.

1989 HULMAN: Rich Vogler passes Johnny Parsons on lap 16 and goes on to win. Numerous flips interrupt the event but no serious injuries.

1989 HOOSIER: Jack Hewitt scores third victory, leading the last 46 miles. Mark Alderson escaped serious injury in a first-lap flip. Chuck Gurney refused to compete, complaining about “poor visibility.”

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