Hoosier Hundred Is Rich In Racing History


1956: Jimmy Bryan from 10th takes lead on lap 72, sews up first USAC Championship. Victory is fourth in a row for chief mechanic Clint Brawner!

1957: Johnny Thomson’s rear end breaks on lap 57, allowing Jud Larson to lead the rest of the way to win, with Jimmy Bryan second. A.J. Foyt is bumped from the field!

1958: Eddie Sachs passes Johnny Thomson just past halfway and leads to the checkered nursing bleeding hands cut by rocks which pierced his metal windscreen from a brand-new track surface.

1959: Indianapolis 500 winner Rodger Ward takes the pole and the victory. 1960 A.J. Foyt wins after Rodger Ward’s magneto fails while leading. Foyt wins despite leaking oil tank, damaged by a rock from the track. Jim Hurtubise flips during qualifying but makes field.

1961: A.J. Foyt passes Parnelli Jones on lap 17 and wins, clinching National Championship in the process. A.J. Shepherd suffers neck, back and head injuries in a flip over the guardrail and into the cow barns during qualifying.

1962: Jim Hurtubise spins on lap 43 and Parnelli Jones goes on to win. Allen Crowe flips on front stretch and escaped serious injury despite fire.

1963:Rodger Ward dominates to win as Parnelli Jones is the only DNF, on lap 11! Chuck Rodee debuts a rear-engine car and Jimmy Davies’ car sports a roll cage as part of the frame!

1964: Rain forces a one-week postponement, then A.J. Foyt scores his ninth win of the season to break a tie for most career race wins with Rodger Ward. A.J. then won at Sacramento to finish with 10 wins in 13 races!

1965: George Snider leads early but A.J. Foyt beats Mario Andretti for the win. Johnny Rutherford comes from last place to finish sixth!

1966: Pole winner A.J. Foyt appears headed for victory but his broken brake pedal allows Mario Andretti to lead the last three laps after Foyt hits the fence and damages a wheel.

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