Hodnett Claims PA Speedweek Opener


And while all of that was going on, Hodnett ran down the leader and was leaving Dietrich no room for error with just over a lap to go when an error was just what Dietrich made.

Heading for the white flag, he jumped the cushion in the third and fourth turns and that was all Hodnett needed to make a run for the win.

He drove to Dietrich’s inside as the pair headed out of the second turn and onto the backstretch with the lead.

Dietrich tried to reclaim control with a run that saw him slap the outside backstretch wall as he shot his car into the third corner but to no avail as Hodnett went on to take his 52nd career checkers at Williams Grove, giving himself sole possession of fourth on the oval’s all time win list. .

The win was also the 23rd of Hodnett’s career in speedweek action.

“Danny was having a little problem getting off of four,” Hodnett said. “He hit the wall a couple laps before that.”

Dietrich settled for second followed by Danny Lasoski, Marks and Sam Hafertepe Jr.

John Kovatch won the 15-lap SpeedSTR feature event over Brian Montieth, Nick Pecko, Brad Brightbill and Freddie Rahmer.

The finish:

Greg Hodnett, Danny Dietrich, Danny Lasoski, Brent Marks, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Chad Layton, Lance Dewease, Fred Rahmer, Alan Krimes, Brian Montieth, Jim Siegel, Stevie Smith, Gerard McIntyre Jr., Adam Wilt, Ryan Taylor, Davey Sammons, Cory Haas, Ryan Wilson, Darren Mollenoux, Nicole Bower, Rodney Westhafer, Logan Schuchart, Eric Riggins Jr., T.J. Stutts