Hafertepe Breaks ASCS Winless Drought


Loyet’s runner up finish is his seventh top five of the 2014 season, and moved the No. 05 to a 41 point advantage over Jason Johnson in the Tour Standings.

“We didn’t need that. We did not need the track to take rubber. I really think I had a good car off the cushion, maybe better than Sam had, but once it took rubber he just kinda took off,” said Loyet. “Lapped traffic, man, sometimes you just catch them guys and you show them your nose a few times, and finally you just have to move them out of the way. A track like this tonight, you really have to respect the leaders, and that’s what allowed Sam to really pull away from me.”

Dustin Morgan settled for the show position after starting seventh. Quick moves at the start of the race put Morgan third by the fifth lap.

“Jones and Darren worked their butts off to give me this car tonight. Getting third here once again, I just can’t thank these guys enough for the car they gave me,” said Morgan of his third place run.

Blake Hahn posted his third top-five in as many races with the Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV American Real, and now leads the Speedweek standings by 14 over Hafertepe and Loyet who are tied for second. Jeff Swindell completed the top five.

The finish:

Sam Hafertepe Jr., Brad Loyet, Dustin Morgan, Blake Hahn, Jeff Swindell, Matt Covington, Aaron Reutzel, Jason Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Christopher Bell, Kevin Ramey, Zach Pringle, Seth Bergman, Josh Baughman, Brandon Hanks, Jake Martens, Tony Bruce Jr., Robert Sellers, Joe Wood Jr., Danny Wood, Brandon Long, Johnny Herrera, Tim Crawley.