Dale Blaney Scores 99th All Star Victory


Central Pennsylvania’s Alan Krimes made his first trip to Fremont Speedway memorable, bringing his No. 87 home in third.

“This place is awesome. I think this was the best racing surface we’ve run on all year. We like it when it gets slick like this and unfortunately back home it doesn’t get like this. When it gets slick like this I usually get rolling pretty good but those two cars in front of me are pretty good here,” said Krimes.

“My wing was stuck forward there the first 15 laps and that hurt us early and a couple of guys got by us. We were fortunate enough to get back by those guys. This is an awesome place and we’re tickled to death to come out here and run so good against a tough local field,” added Krimes.

Krimes and Blaney would bring the field to the green for the 50-lap feature but a spin by Caleb Helms would necessitate another start. On the second attempt Blaney would bolt into the lead over D.J. Foos, Krimes, Chris Andrews, Andrew Palker and Friday night’s winner Byron Reed.

With a lap in Sheldon Haudenschild would stop to bring out the caution. When the green flew Blaney quickly pulled away from Foos, Krimes, Andrews and Reed. With just five laps in Blaney had caught the back of the field and they were racing side-by-side, allowing Foos to close. But, on lap 11, Danny Mumaw would spin to give Blaney a clear track.

On the restart Blaney set sail again as Foos now was challenged by Andrews with Reed moving into fourth with Krimes, Palker and Shaffer in tow. By lap 17 Blaney was once again in lapped traffic but Foos could not close until Blaney encountered heavy traffic on lap 23 which allow Foos and Andrews to close to his rear bumper.

Disaster struck for Foos on lap 24 as the lapped car of Sam Hafertepe spun, collecting Foos who exited the track with front end damage. On the restart Blaney had three lapped cars separating him and Andrews with three more lapped cars to third running Shaffer.

At the half-way point Trey Gustin and Caleb Griffith would spin which would bring about a fuel stoppage. When the race went back to green, Blaney had two lapped cars separating him from Andrews with Shaffer in third followed by Reed, Krimes, Palker and Broc Martin.

On lap 28 Rob Hunter would get upside down in turn four and now the top four ran nose to tail on the restart. Blaney would again pull away slightly as things settled down a bit for the top five. But once Blaney encountered lapped traffic again on lap 34 Andrews and Shaffer closed with Krimes also narrowing the gap. Shaffer would take second don lap 36 and a caution for another Trey Gustin spin on lap 37 would put ‘The Steel City Outlaw” on Blaney’s rear bumper.

When the green flew Blaney was able to put some distance between himself and Shaffer as Krimes drove into third and quickly closed on Shaffer. As the laps ticked off Shaffer began to close as the top two pulled away from Krimes with Andrews, Brock Martin and 23rd starting Jeff Swindell in tow.

With five laps to go, Shaffer was on Blaney’s rear bumper as they prepared to race into lapped traffic. As they raced to the white flag Shaffer was within half a car length of Blaney. Rocketing into turns one and two Shaffer slipped over the turn two cushion and Blaney drove off for the win. Shaffer, Krimes, Andrews and Martin would round out the top five.