Cook & Sheppard Grab Fonda Accolades


With order restored, Cook then led the final six laps for his first score since 2010, though Donath made a run on him just before the checkers.

“I knew Shawn was there but I never saw him,” reflected Cook afterwards. “I lucked out today, as I was three cars off Poirier when he went around and I thought I was going to get wound up too. I knew the track was going to get rubbered up, so I just kept telling myself to be patient and let things come to me. And it worked!”

“He was way better than me,” declared Donath, whose right-rear tire was completely bald. “We did have enough gear for when it took rubber, plus we were just wicked tight.”

Matt Tanner, Sammy Reakes, Ettiene Girard, Jason Barney and Poirier rounded out the top ten, with Donath coming back to claim the dash, run after the feature as rain was on the way and officials wanted to be sure to complete the main event.

In the nightcap 50-lap modified feature, Matt Sheppard worked his way forward from seventh to run down Jimmy Davis, Friesen and Matt DeLorenzo, who had been going at it hammer and tong for the lead, and claim his 21st win of the season.

The track crew had watered the track after the ESS feature and Davis, who lined up 10th, blasted around the outside to third on lap one and had the lead from polesitter Matt DeLorenzo three laps later. Friesen then took to the high groove, taking command on lap 14, but by lap 20 the top was gone and the leaders struggled to lap Pat Ward, who would hold them off until the 40 lap mark. As they all fought for the bottom, Sheppard moved in and the top four spots went back and forth until lap 34, when Sheppard finally got to the lead.

DeLorenzo settled for second ahead of Davis, A.J. Romano, Bobby Varin, Ronnie Johnson, Friesen, Mark Kislowski, Jeremy Wilder and Jeff Rockefeller.

“It took patience,” summed up the visiting DIRTcar star. “The track was locked down really bad. You would swear you could drive around somebody easy but when you tried it, you couldn’t. You had to be patient and wait for them to get bogged down! We’ve been on a roll lately, so we’ll just keep digging.”