Bell Rings Again At Spoon River


Daum finished two car lengths behind Bell. The 22-year-old wasn’t pleased about it.

“It sucks,” he said. “I’m tired of finishing second to Keith (Kunz) and Chris (Bell). It’s been too damn many times this season.”

Daum has finished second twice and third in Bell’s three POWRi wins. But Daum hasn’t been alone in that category. Bell’s victory was the 17th in midgets for the Kunz/Agajanian-Curb team, a record season for one of short-track racing’s most successful teams.

Daum started third, and Bell fourth. Andrew Felker of Carl Junction, Mo., was on the outside of the front row and took the lad with Daum second on the opening lap. Bell, from sixth on the grid, was third by the third lap.

Bell passed Daum on the 10th lap and Felker’s Spike-Fontana on the 12th.

Daum moved into on a restart on the 21st lap.

“I hugged the bottom and it got tacky,” Daum said. “Bell had to slow down on top. He was backpedaling and I got by. He stopped backpedaling and drove the heck out of it to get the lead back.

“It’s the 17th win for the Kunz team this year, it’s insane.

Daum increased his lead in the POWRi championship to 280 points, 3,850-3,570, over Felker, who finished fourth.

Tyler Thomas finished third, snapping a streak of five straight races out of the top 10. The 17-year-old didn’t start well, dropping out of his heat before taking the green flag with a broken throttle cable. He started at the back in the semi and climbed to second, which put him 16th on the grid for the feature.

Thomas’ Triple X-Esslinger was sixth by the 20th lap and jumped into third following a restart on the 21st. He was running the bottom.

“We don’t normally run the bottom, but that’s where we had a really good car,” Thomas said. “We had a car figured out for a slick track. You had to be really patient early to stay down in the corners and in the middle, it was really good coming off.

“Daum missed the bottom a little getting in to one of the corners and Bell was able to pass him for the lead. We couldn’t get past Daum. Honestly, it feels like a win after the struggles we’ve had recently with the engine failure and some other things.”

The finish:

Chris Bell, Zach Daum, Tyler Thomas, Andrew Felker, Brad Kuhn, Parker Price-Miller, Terry Babb, Hunter Schuerenberg, Colten Cottle, John Campbell, Rico Abreu, Garrett Aitken, Justin Peck, Tyler Robbins, Jeff Flesher, Katlynn Leer, Andy Huston, Tanner Thorson, Zach Hampton, Austin Brown, Daniel Robinson, Dave Camfield Jr., Davey Ray.