Barger Rolls From 10th At Brockville


BROCKVILLE, Ontario — Over the years, starting 10th in a Patriot Sprint Tour event typically does not translate in to a trip to victory lane.

Over the years, sprint car events at Brockville Ontario Speedway can often find passing at a premium; while in general that still remains the case, Justin Barger defied that logic on Saturday night.

Barger figured out the top of the Brockville Ontario Speedway and took the lead from Dain Naida by lap 12 and never looked back as he scored his third win of the year, his second in the PST Canada Series to all but lock up the tour’s inaugural championship.

After starting and finishing third in his heat race, Barger found himself in the Original Pizza Logs Four Laps of Fame, where he started and finished second. Despite not passing a car, those four laps gave Barger the data he needed to make a charge in the feature.

“I had a tough start in our heat race which put us in the dash but that actually helped us because we got the car rolling pretty good,” noted Barger after his third win at the quarter-mile oval. “We got it really working well on the top. I changed so much stuff but I didn’t change any torsion bars around because I knew we were pretty close there. We just changed switched the shocks around.”

Barger held off Naida for the victory with Alain Bergeron, Jared Zimbardi and Lee Ladouceur filling the top five.

The finish:

Justin Barger, Dain Naida, Alain Bergeron, Jared Zimbardi, Lee Ladouceur, Scott Kreutter, Devin Caron, Rick Wilson, Keith Dempster, Kyle Fraser, Tyler Rand, Dave Wickham, Jamie Collard, Steve Hutchinson Jr., Chris Durand, April Wilson, Paul Pekkonen, Chris Jones.