Zimmerman Is Elite At 82 Speedway


PETTY, Texas — Winning for the second time in as many races and sixth time overall with the ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating, Justin Zimmerman parked it at 82 Speedway on Saturday night.

Taking off from second, Zimmerman trailedpolesitter Gary Floyd. Keeping pace on the field through the halfway point, traffic would be the deciding factor with Zimmerman able to slip by for the lead through the first and second turns along with Kyle Jones from fifth.

Battling through the closing laps with the No. 04, Jones came up just shy of holding off the No. 1x for the win. Jones would end up second with Gary Floyd in third. Scott Evans in fourth was followed by Chase Parson to complete the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 1X-Justin Zimmerman, [2]; 2. 04-Kyle Jones, [5]; 3. 48D-Gary Floyd, [1]; 4. 118-Scott Evans, [3]; 5. 57-Chase Parson, [8]; 6. 98J-Jarrod Jennings, [6]; 7. 82-Joshua Hanna, [7]; 8. 21-Michelle Melton, [11]; 9. 52-J.D. Fry, [9]; 10. 33-Mike Merrell, [12]; 11. 114-Todd Loveit, [15]; 12. 8A-Alan Myers, [14]; 13. 12-Jason Tyer, [10]; 14. 3S-Stephen Smith, [4]; 15. 10-Bryan Debrick, [13]; 16. P1-Matthew White, [17]; 17. 1-Paul White, [16]