Ziehl Gets Back To ASCS Southwest Victory Lane


CASA GRANDE, Ariz. – Putting an end to a 30-race winless streak with the ASCS Southwest Region, 10-time series champion Rick Ziehl raced to his 30th career victory on Saturday night at Central Arizona Speedway.

The win marked Ziehl’s third triumph at the high-banked Arizona oval since 2015.

The Las Cruces, N.M. native chased the top spot throughout the opening laps, as the Wofford family occupied the point. Leading the opening two circuits, Wes Wofford’s night was cut short as his father, Lorne Wofford took over the lead.

Not able to hold off Ziehl, the No. 20z took over on lap 11 and led the remainder of the 25-lap affair.

Moving into second on Lap 20, Colton Hardy crossed second, with Lorne Wofford slipping to third. Billy Chester crossed fourth and Chris Bonneau moved up from 10th to complete the top five.

Eric Wilkins was sixth, with Jeff Lowery, J.T. Imperial, Alex Pettas and Steve Stone making up the rest of the top 10.

The finish:

1. 20Z-Rick Ziehl [3]; 2. 74-Colton Hardy [5]; 3. 18-Lorne Wofford [2]; 4. 2B-Billy Chester III [4]; 5. 15-Chris Bonneau [10]; 6. 8-Eric Wilkins [6]; 7. 45-Jeff Lowery [7]; 8. 7-J.T. Imperial [8]; 9. 2-Alex Pettas [13]; 10. 57-Steve Stone [9]; 11. 71H-Robert Horsley [11]; 12. 22-Jesse Baker [14]; 13. 19W-Wes Wofford [1]; 14. 12-Jason Tanner [12]; 15. 7X-Danny Mathus (DNS).