Zack Merritt Grabs Phillip County Elite Spoils

Zack Merritt's car in victory lane. (ASCS photo)

HOLYOKE, Colo. – Racing to victory for the first time with the ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Series, Zack Merritt became the series’ seventh different winner in the tour’s first trip of the season to Phillip County Raceway.

Advancing from third to take the point, Merritt was pursued to the checkered flag by Wyoming’s Mark Chisholm, who moved up to seventh to second. Coming from ninth, Logan Hershey made the podium, with Austyn Gossel and Gary Land completing the top five.

Brian Hardman, Butch Hardman, Brett Ream, Jeff Seesholtz, and Coby Pearce completed the field.

The ASCS Elite North Non-Wing Series races next at I-76 Speedway in Fort Morgan, Colo. on Saturday, June 20.

The finish:

1. 74-Zack Merritt [3]; 2. 56X-Mark Chisholm [7]; 3. 20H-Logan Hershey [9]; 4. 6G-Austyn Gossel [8]; 5. 55-Gary Land [6]; 6. 16-Brian Hardman [4]; 7. 59-Butch Hardman [10]; 8. 8-Brett Ream [1]; 9. 9-Jeff Seesholtz [2]; 10. 92-Coby Pearce [5].